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Xinjiang, China

July 18-20, 2023

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YaLong have more than 30 years of high pressure reciprocating pump (plunger pump/piston pump) design and manufacture experience, providing customers with quality service and competitive price.

We have More than 20 national patents, 2016, Nanjing Yalong approved National high-tech enterprises, become the leading manufacturers.

Our company products are in strict accordance with the API 674 standards of design and production.  

YaLong has long been a leading supplier of pumping solutions for the Energy, Industrial, Chemical, Mining, Pulp and Paper, Food, medical, Steel/Aluminum, Reverse Osmosis, Glass, detergent, high pressure scale-washing, geological, rock mechnic, electric power, and Municipal markets.

Manyfactors have contributed to our success, but the most important is our ability to provide unmatched overall value and true pumping solutions for our customers. We have redefined the traditional expectations in the industry by setting new standards for low cost of ownership, long service life, and ease of maintenance.

Main products are as follows:

water injection pump,  high pressure reciprocating oil(Crude Oil)transportation Pump,  liquefied CO2 injection pump,  high pressure steam boiler feed water pump,  CO2 supercritical extraction pump,  high pressure mud pump, Hydrocracking pump、High pressure ammonia pump、High pressure Carbamate pump、 ammonia water pump,  High pressure cleaning units,  pressure testing pump,  copper liquid pumps,  Detergent slurry pumps,  sea water pump (sea water RO pump),  high pressure dephosphorizing pump,  chemical feeding pump,  pressure increase pump,  ejection pump,  Ulter high pressure pumps , polymer injection pump; well Service pump ; Fracturing pump.